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Hely Y'all!


My name is Kay, and I'm a beginning farmer. Being an animal lover, I thought starting with a few chickens might be fun. I have 12, all different breeds. My hubby and I enjoy sitting out in the back watching them free range during cocktail hour. I have herbs, tomatoes, pole beans, onions and celery growing. I am looking for a small piece of land with a house on it to grow our food and have animals. I am open to cohabitation and sharing resources. The place we're in now is sinking due to the water retention from the building all around us. Is there anyone who has an idea of the best route to take?


Any luck?

Hi Kay,

My name is Love and I was wondering if you were able to find any resources? I have 5 daughters and am also looking for some farmland to grow and have a few animals. Time for us to leave city life behind! Anyhwo let me know if it worked out for you and if you can help  point me in a direction.